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The Ummah… you dropped the ball on this one.

“The Ummah… you dropped the ball on this one.”* The fall of Aleppo is a turning point in the struggle of Syrian people against a tyrannical rule in Damascus. It is a setback of the forces of liberation, another episode

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Syria Flour Supply Project

Syria Flour

Syria Flour Supply Project We made the appeal and you responded with your generosity. We are now able to supply bread to our brethren from the war-torn historic land of ‪#‎Syria‬. To sustain this on-going project, we appeal to all

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Syria: An Intractable Divide


Syria: An Intractable Divide The past year has witnessed the implosion of parts of the Muslim world more commonly referred to as the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring saw various nations rise against regimes that had been in power for

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