Rejection of Bigotry and Attempts to Silence Muslim Voices

(For immediate release)

The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa (JUSA) rejects the allegations and attempts to cast Moulana Ebrahim Bham, our secretary general, and by extension, our organisation, as anti-Semitic supporters of hate and violence.

The slanderous allegations, by a certain website, are mostly unreferenced to malign JUSA and Moulana Bham. Other quotes attributed to Moulana are not only out of context but deliberately rearranged to sensationalise a racist narrative.

The attempt to silence Muslims and those seeking justice in the Holy Land has been lowered to new depths with honesty and integrity becoming casualties.

This brief note is simply to draw attention that the JUSA and Moulana Bham will continue to endeavour in bringing justice and peace in the Holy Land. Further, to achieve this he will work with people of all colours and faiths and will not be deterred by vicious and unsubstantiated attacks.

It is a matter of record that the JUSA in general, and Moulana Bham in particular, have rolled out campaigns against radical extremism, in South Africa and abroad.

We have in the past welcomed and continue to engage delegations from foreign missions in South Africa, including the British and French, on the subject of countering violent extremism.

Moulana Bham remains a prominent voice representing Muslims in South Africa at open forums, including state events and public functions. Rather than being a preacher of hate, at his speaking engagements, he welcomes dissenting views in the process of exchanging ideas for a better understanding of matters that affect communities.

It is part of our mission to challenge racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia wherever it may be and we will not be silenced by bigots.

A.Y. Mia (Moulana)
Deputy Secretary General
Council of Muslim Theologians

4 July 2017

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