Palestine Expo: Response to False Allegations by Jewish Chronicle

(For Immediate Release)


The Jewish Chronicle headlined an article, now being cited by other publications, attributing to me the statement ‘Jews are fleas’.

In the online lecture that the Jewish Chronicle quotes, the statement that is attributed to me is in actual fact a quote of Goebbels, the notorious Nazi anti-Semite, who refers to Jews as ‘fleas’. I make this clear in my talk.

I clearly use this quote to show how the Nazis had viewed and treated the Jewish people as sub-human. I categorically did not agree and do not agree with any sub-human categorisation of the Jewish community or any other people.

I then say that this dehumanisation treatment is now being meted out to Palestinians by the state of Israel itself. This is supported by statements by Israeli state leaders like Golda Meir denying the very existence of Palestinian people. And the point being made was that dehumanisation of any people should not happen, especially by those who have suffered this, in the not too distant past.

I view this misquoting of me as a deliberate attempt to undermine me as a means of undermining the Palestine Expo event, which is the real target here.‎

Issued by:

Ebrahim I Bham (Moulana)
United Kingdom

7 July 2017

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