JUT Publishing Company Now Stocks Stationery


JUT Publishing Co is pleased to announce the expansion of their stock which will now include a wide range of office and education stationery.

The JUT Publishing Co is the official distribution arm of the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa’s Taalimi Board series of textbooks known as Tas-heel.

Tas-heel Series has titles for Grades 0 – 12 in subjects such as Ahadeeth, Aqaaid, Taarekh, Fiqh as well as Akhlaaq wal Adab apart from textbooks on Tafseer, Du‘aas as well as Tajweed. From time to time, the series is improved upon in its presentation and scope in order to cater for a curriculum that gives learners a good foundation in basic Islamic education.

Meanwhile, JUT Publishing Co would like to advise all its clients, especially those buying in bulk, that it takes orders only via email or fax. For details of the range of stock, orders and pricing, contact JUT Publishing as follows:

Tel: 011 837 2663
Fax: 011 837 2664
Email: tasheel[at]islamsa.org.za
Physical Address: 59 Moira Ave, Crosby 2092

Abu Bakr Essack (Moulana)
Sales Manager
Cell: 082 596 2879

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