Ghouta… ‘Hell on Earth’
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In spite of a UN Security Council resolution calling for a temporary truce to allow for humanitarian aid and safe passage of civilians and the injured out of the beleaguered city of Ghouta, the long-suffering of the people of Syria endures with fresh reports of a gas attack on civilians and continued air strikes.

Visuals stream via the media showing children, the elderly and women being pulled out of the rubble of collapsed buildings as the regime sustains the pounding of Douma, a town in the region to the east of Damascus.

The regime continues on its sadistic policy of emptying cities of their inhabitants with an apparent aim of remaking Syria in a new mould, bereft of her rich heritage and historic character.

Those familiar with this approach draw parallels with the Russian treatment of Chechens where the city of Grozny suffered the same fate in the 1990s. It appears this has become a war template for the regime which in 2016, had used similar tactics to annihilate the people of Aleppo.

What is happening in Ghouta is yet another sad episode, in this continuing warfare of a regime on its people. Not less than 500 people have now been slain within a week. Residents, by the thousands, have gone underground, in order to take shelter from indiscriminate aerial bombing. Devastated infrastructure has entailed lack of basic amenities such as water, food, sanitation and heating.

Once again, we echo our sentiments, deploring the callous and insensitive power games and policies that have allowed this war to be sustained for so long, in total disregard of the suffering of children the elderly and women, as the once beautiful and rich Syrian landscape is now being characterised by utter ruins.

We pray to the Almighty to ease the pain, end the suffering of the Ummah in Syria. May He bring a new dawn for the children of Syria, where they will wake up to playful runs in the recreational parks and not traumatically dash for cover under bomb shelters, only to inhale debilitating fumes of chemical gas agents.

Meanwhile, the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa appeals to all people of goodwill, to make contributions towards a relief effort, that will be extended to the people of Ghouta, where the emergency situation has become so dire that the United Nations has described the on-going onslaught as ‘hell on earth.’

All contributions of zakaat and lillah, both EFTs and direct deposits, should be made into:

Account: Jamiatul Ulama South Africa — Relief
Branch: Nedbank Fordsburg (Code: 195 305)
Current A/c No.: 1953 285 937
Reference: Syria Relief (Contributor’s Name – Zakaat/Lillah)

Note: Kindly send ALL proofs of payment to:


Issued by: 

Ebrahim I Bham (Moulana)
Secretary General

26 February 2018


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