Celebrating Uncle Kathy

(For immediate Release)

The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa is praying for the best of outcomes in ease, comfort and well-being for the ailing Mr Ahmed Kathrada as he remains in hospital recovering after a surgical operation.

Mr Kathrada, a stalwart of the liberation struggle, stands as a proverbial giant on whose shoulders current and future generations of South Africa stand in order to see far. Our nation shall remain indebted to such “men and women”, in Mr Kathrada’s own words, “all of whom played a critical part in this grand struggle for freedom and dignity.”

At a time when the majority of Rivonia Trialists have departed, the presence of Mr Kathrada among us, offers a living standard of lifelong commitment to the values of freedom, justice and equity.

Away from frontline politics, and through the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Kathy, as he is fondly called, has continued to fight against racialism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance. He remains the wise old man, using his moral stature, to challenge those in public offices to exercise good governance and accountability.

As an internationalist, Kathy never confined the struggles for the values he has lived for to South Africa alone. As such, he has given expression to the liberation struggles of Palestinian people as well as extending solidarity towards others suffering injustice around the globe.

Celebrating the lives of people such as Kathy, Madiba and Mr Walter Sisulu lies in our emulation of the ideals with which they built the edifice of service to humanity. This is the lasting legacy they have bequeathed upon us.

May the Almighty give us the discernment with which to appreciate the contributions of people like Kathy, while they are still among us, so as to give them hope that their struggles were, after all, not in vain.

We appeal to members of the general public and the press to maintain a dignified coverage of the story, without speculative accounts based on rumours. We are confident that the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, maintaining an appropriate level of privacy, will keep us updated on the health of Kathy.


Issued by:

Moulana Ebrahim I Bham
Secretary General

17 March 2017

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