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Recognised leadership, uniting, developing, guiding and representing Muslims.


The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa is premised on the Hadîth (prophetic tradition) that states: “Most assuredly the ‘Ulamâ (scholars) are the heirs of the Prophets.” (Tirmidhî) The legacy of the Prophets encompasses all the diverse components essential for the establishment, wellbeing and prosperity of a civilised society.

The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa endeavours to serve as a beacon of light, nurturing the emotional, social, moral, mental and spiritual potentialities of the Ummah. It aspires to unshackle the Ummah from the fetters of ignorance, innovations and superstitions so that they are guided to the pure, unadulterated precepts of Islâm. It further strives to resuscitate the souls of mankind and deliver them from the depth of darkness to the lantern of Divine Light.

Its mission is encapsulated in the following words of the Noble Qur’ân: “For he (the Prophet) commands them with that which is good and forbids that which is evil, he permits for them as lawful what is pure and renders unlawful for them that which is bad. He relieves them from their heavy burden and releases them from the yokes that are upon them.” (Surah al-‘Arâf, Verse 157)

The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa strives to emancipate the Ummah from the enslavement of false deities to the worship of the Almighty Allâh, from tyranny and injustice to justice and equality, and from the narrow confines of this world to the expanse of the Hereafter.

It moreover commits to dedicate its human resources and potential, to unify, co-ordinate and direct the activities of the ‘Ulamâ and undertakes to meaningfully contribute to the spiritual, social and moral development of all the citizens of our country and propagate Dîn to them.

Its philosophy is driven by the teachings of the Noble Qur’ân and Sunnah of Allâh’s Final Messenger, Muhammad sallallâhu ‘alayhi wasallam.


  • To enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong (Amr bil Ma'rûf Wannahi anil Munkar) and to foster the true ‘Aqâ-id (Principle Beliefs) and Practices of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamâ‘ah.
  • To protect, preserve and promote the Sunnah of Rasulullâh sallallâhu ‘alayhi wasallam (Ihyâ Ussunnah)
  • To further brotherhood and co-operation in the Muslim community and to co-ordinate religious activity.
  • To expound the Sharî‘ah [Islamic Law].
  • To protect, preserve and promote the religious rights of the Muslims.
  • To promote, develop and maintain religious, cultural, educational, social, economic, charitable services and general upliftment of mankind.
  • To protect the honour and interest of the Muslims.
  • To establish and maintain Islamic Social Order amongst the Muslims.
  • To protect the individual and collective rights of the Muslims.


In the pursuit of the objectives of the organisation, the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa uses different arms and specialised agencies as follows:

  • Verdicts, Estates and Advisory: Dârul Iftâ
  • Propagation and Guidance: Da‘wah wal Irshâd
  • Counselling: Islamic Careline, Islamic Helpline & Islamic Hopeline
  • Islamic Educational Programme: Taalimi Board
  • Socio-Economic Empowerment, Relief & Welfare: Welfare Department
  • Matrimonial Affairs: Social Department
  • Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration: Muslim Mediation and Arbitration Council
  • Moon-sighting & Determination of Islamic months: Central Hilaal Committee
  • Advocacy, Representing Muslim interests and Public Relations: Media Desk

The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa has a membership of well over 900 scholars and huffâz of the Noble Qur’ân of Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Freestate and Northern Cape.

The ‘Ulamâ body is constituted with three different levels of decision making forums:

  • Majlis Shûrâ (Board Of Trustees)
  • Majlis Al Tanfîdh (Executive Board)
  • Majlis Al ‘Âmilah (Consultative Assembly)


The Jamiatul Ulama South Africa is affiliated to:

  • United Ulama Council of South Africa (UUCSA)
  • South African National Halaal Authority (SANHA)
  • Muslim AIDS Programme (MAP)
  • Muslim Board for Prison Welfare (MBPW)
  • National Religious Leaders Forum (NRLF)
  • Southern Africa Ulama Conference (SAUC)
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